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  • The world is flat

    BCS brought together a group of academics and business professionals to consider all the factors and debate the pros and cons of this web 3.0 phenomena.

    Doubling the authentication factor

    In a battle to combat online identity theft, phishing and other online fraud whereby the only defence against attackers is a password, organisations are adding extra layers of security at all levels to protect valuable assets using two-factor authentication.

BCS - Mauritius

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2009 - 20th Year of BCS presence in Mauritius

MAURITIUS , a small island nation in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa has few natural resources and is a long way from the main markets and sources of growth in the world economy. Having successfully undergone the transition from a low-income mono-crop economy, with a narrow production base at the time of its independence in 1968, to a middle-income country with a more diversified structure, the country, today, is largely reliant on four economic pillars of manufacturing, sugar, tourism and financial services. Of late, though,Mauritius is faced with constraints that hinder further growth of its economy primarily precipitated by an erosion of its preferences in the international community in sugar and textile sectors, general dismantling of subsidies worldwide and the rapid emergence of low-cost competitor nations across the world.

The Government of Mauritius (GoM) recognised early that its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector is important to future development of the country. GoM sees ICT as a tool to support business processes and information flow within and across economic activities, leading to increase in value added at the national level.  The Government's Vision is to make ICT the fifth pillar of the economy and transform Mauritius into a Regional ICT Hub.

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT shares the vision of the Government and has been an active participant in the promotion of ICT in Mauritius since 1989 when a first batch of students embarked in BCS courses and exams.

Mauritius is proud to be the first country outside the UK to have a Regional Office of the BCS.  The BCS( Mauritius Section) groups all the members of the BCS in Mauritius and the Region.